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4 Expert Tips to Scale Digital Marketing And Grow Revenue

It is a truth universally known that any business in 2021 cannot grow without digital marketing. Due to many recent events, online marketing is booming and it’s here to stay. It is an exciting time to grow your web presence and increase your customer base. Here are some tips and tricks to increase the scale and presence of your business to increase revenue.

1. Invest time and money in your SEO strategy

By employing a full-service marketing agency you can really use your time and money wisely. Your agency can ensure that all the best performing strategies are in place for your business and you can get on with the other aspects of your business. And you’ll need more time for the new business that will be coming in as a result!

2. Use search ads to increase web presence

Implementing a paid search ad campaign is also a great way to let customers know that your services are exactly what they are searching for. When you target your ad to the relevant keywords your customer will see your advertisement and get exactly what they are looking for.

This is a hugely beneficial strategy for your digital marketing campaign. A full-service marketing agency in Australia will be able to find the best keywords with the highest conversions for you. You can also use services such as Google Ad extensions which are links within your ad for specific products, phone numbers and more. You can’t get much more direct than that. However be aware that with paid and organic SEO campaigns, your landing pages will need to be of high quality when directing customers to your page.

3. Drive awareness with display ads

Display ads have been around for a while, but haven’t lost their effectiveness in terms of awareness. A great display ad with compelling creative and copy will create effective brand recall. While it is true that display ads do have a lower click-through rate than search ads their ability to create brand recognition and awareness is fantastic. A full-service marketing agency in Melbourne will be able to employ a multi-stage campaign that can employ an awareness stage in the form of display ads and then a conversion stage with the above-mentioned search ads.

4. Advertise to social media audiences

Last but definitely not least is your social media presence and audience. Having a social media presence is a prerequisite these days. For some types of businesses, a Facebook or Instagram account may not be best but a LinkedIn presence is great in that case. You can use the in-built ad platforms in all the major social sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linked In. They have custom-built audience demographics such as age, interests, jobs and you can even mirror audiences based on the fact that they have liked your competitor’s pages. It’s a great way to build on your existing followers and sell your own products through the platform or link to your website.

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