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3 most useful apps for your cars

How beneficial would it be if you knew which route to take to avoid traffic congestion in order to reach your destination safely? You may wish to know the exact pricing for your car repairs so you are not being ripped off by some scrupulous mechanic. Also, it would be great to shop at the best places for your car maintenance and accessories. Well all these features are now possible through your Smartphone by installing the following apps:

1. Waze

If you want to outsmart the congested traffic areas with your smart phone then Waze is the right app for you. This app is fun based on community mapping. With your Waze open while driving, you are contributing valuable information of real time traffic conditions to your local driving community. Moreover, you can report accidents, hazards or any other obscure events that you may see on the road as well as receiving road alerts on your own route. With a community shared fuel price alert, you can find the cheapest petrol station along the way. It’s a simple and fun app which makes it easier to meet and co-ordinate with friends while on the road.

2. Garage Buddy

The Garage Buddy app is your one stop shop for car themed calculators, converters, tables and more. The innovative app can even monitor a car’s mileage and determine its fuel economy. Unique installation guides are also included and drivers can even enjoy how-to-tutorials about common garage tools and replacement parts. So, if you are adding an air conditioning system to your car or need to know what size belt to buy then garage buddy has the answer.
3. RepairPal

If you are not sure about your car repair pricing then you might be at risk of being taken advantage of by in scrupulous mechanics. RepairPal is the leading provider of auto repairs and maintenance information for consumers. So with the help of this app, you are safe and need not worry about paying too much for repairs. This app helps you find a repair shop you can trust and recommends a fair price to pay for repairs for different car models.

So, have you installed these innovative apps on your Smartphone?

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